Writer, producer, director and editor

Cinema instructor and member of Cinema House Directors Association

Studies in Lebanon in the field of cinema
Production of more than 50 movie titles and TV series


Hello... I am Mohsen Rabiei from Iran. 
I am a citizen of Turkey and I live in Istanbul. Directing degree from Iran Cinema School and video editing instructor I have more than twenty years of experience in the field of production, director, screenwriter, editor and filming.  I have made more than 100 movies, TV series, 
documentaries, programs and TV shows, music videos, etc.
 I have cooperated with many televisions in Iran and abroad, such as (Channel Two, Channel One, 
Channel Five from Iran), Jam TV, Al-Alam, iFilm, 4 You, as well as Iranian and Turkish cinema.
 Currently, I am the manager of Griffin Pictures Film Company in Istanbul and I am ready to cooperate 
in the field of making television programs, documentaries, news and stories from writing the plan to 
execution and editing.
In the position of cinema director
Nirvana 2023 . / dance with candles/2021- Anniversary/2020 - Grudge/2019 - Running By Night/2014 - The retired/2012
About life/2008- Mother/2007- Conditional marriage/2013- Excuse/2011 - Mr. None/2015
Secret of the house/2015- Wounds of love/2010- Jungle/2022- green bride/2010- Relation/2009
In the position of TV series director
A hopeful world 2022 /Love in a cage2023/Roulette/2016- media/2017 - Apple perfume/2006 – parties/2008
In the position of TV show director
A few moments with love- Harmony game- Knowledge collection

In the position of Documentary director
Father's House - Protein - History of oil – Lifestyle
Editing, sound and color
 All the works I have done till date
 Cinematic - television - documentary - video clip - advertisements
In the position of producer
 Halikya / Apple perfume TV serie) - parties TV series)- A few moments with love- Knowledge collection TV 
Show)- Relation cinema film ) – Grudge cinema film ) -Father's house - Protein - History of oil – Lifestyle
In the position of the writer
(Cinema-Devil House- Anniversary- Grudge- Running By Night -About life -Conditional marriage- JungleRelation)- (tv series- media- parties)- (documentary- Father's House - Lifestyle